Tidningen ANGLIA AFLOAT skrev i 03/04 2010 nummret:

“In about 17/18 knots of wind she flew, eight knots plus. She remained balanced

and in control. She tacks through 50 degrees almost like a dinghy, but where a

large dinghy or day boat might hesitate and almost ‘stand’ for a fraction

of a second at the apex of the turn, the Storm kept turning and at the same time

moving ahead. The acceleration was sparkling.

Sailing the Storm 22 is a joy. Everything is lead aft, the main, jib and spinnaker

halyards all lead back to winches on the aft end of the coach roof via clutches. So too do

the single-line reefing lines. The same two winches can also be used to control the

headsail, which doesn’t come aft of the mast, and is so light to handle that even in

a strong gust you really don’t have to use the winches……”

“There’s a remarkable amount of storage space on so small a boat.”

Tidningen YACHTS & YACHTING skrev i 08/2010 nummret:

“The Storm 22 has potential as both a fun club racer and good family boat, all at an attractive


The interior of many small boats is a disappointment – space is at a premium,

but building in effective stowage is expensive. However, the Storm 22 is well

thought out, with a mini galley, four berths of over 2m length (including a double

forward), a folding table and remarkably good stowage, both under the berths

in numerous shelves and lockers. Maximum headroom of just under 5ft is enough to

make moving around relatively easy."

"Overall there’s a bright, nice feel, with quality woodwork. The centreboard box

on the centreline is a visual barrier, but surprisingly unobtrusive when moving

around the cabin, although it inevitably reduces floor space.”